Paul McCartney doesn’t seem to have lost his passion for songwriting even at the age of 77. To the delight of his numerous fans, the Beatles singer will probably produce songs until the end of his life and express what he feels. For example, love for John Lennon.

“I still feel the same enthusiasm about songwriting. There is a black hole in which there is nothing. And you start singing da-da-di-dum-di, and suddenly there’s a song, ”said the 77-year-old.

Writing is like therapy

But for the artist, music means more than just fun and the opportunity to develop creatively. So there is a far more intimate level behind songwriting. “Sometimes it’s like talking to a psychiatrist because I bring all my worries to light. You feel satisfied, ”Paul also reported.

In addition, the musical process offers him the opportunity to share his inner emotional world. “I usually don’t want people to know my innermost thoughts. A song offers the right place for it, ”explained the Briton on the BBC show“ Mastertapes Guide to Writing the Perfect Song ”.

His love for John Lennon

He cited the track “Here Today” as an example. “In it I say to John Lennon: ‘I love you.’ I could not have said that to his face unless we were extremely drunk, ”says the“ Hey Jude ”interpreter. Lennon was shot in New York in 1980.

“But you can express these emotions and deeper and sometimes embarrassing truths in a song.” That’s exactly what he loves so much about music. (Bang)


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