Peter Maffay gave musicians tips during the Corona crisis. Due to the current security measures, there are no concerts or festivals. That is why artists now have to think about new strategies. Singer Peter Maffay now suggested one of these in the “ZDF Morgenmagazin”:

“We have to be innovative, including organizers. Such concepts must of course be economically viable. In this respect there are a number of tasks that are essential and still to be solved. We have never dealt with situations of this kind in a similar form. We all struggle every day to create solutions to realize concerts again as soon as possible. ”

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About smoking and alcohol

Last year, when the musician turned 70, he had reacted to “NOZ” to the rumor that he used to drink two bottles of whiskey a day: “And more, until the point is gone. Alcohol has severed relationships. And I smoked like a chimney. I was only able to overcome this phase with a lot of luck. ”

But how did he manage to stop suddenly from one day to the next? Peter Maffay: “I just stopped drinking and smoking. And it wasn’t even difficult. I got a diagnosis from my family doctor who said I had lung cancer. He wasn’t quite sure yet, but it looked like it. It then took a day to make it clear that it wasn’t. ”

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And further: “But back then I said to myself, if it isn’t, then it’s high time to stop. And that was also possible, I did not find it a waiver and had no withdrawal symptoms. Two years later my doctor checked the lungs and the values were completely okay again. I had filtered without end. ”


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