Season 16 of the RTL dome show

The RTL dome show “Bauer sucht Frau” is now in its 16th season. The station has already announced some of the farmers who will be participating in 2023. In addition to organic farmer and horse host Denise (31), arable farmer and dairy farmer Simon (26) as well as horse farmer and suckler cow farmer Uwe (54) are also arable and poultry farmers Rüdiger (53) from the district of Heilbronn and hobby farmer Thomas K. (42) from the Gießen district included. What distinguishes the two new candidates?

Sideline farmer Thomas K. has been single for four years and works full-time as an employee of an urban sewer company. He also loves to be on stage – whether men’s ballet for carnival or amateur theater. There are four donkeys, around 70 sheep and lambs and a dog on his grassland farm with a timber trade. He wants a dream woman, “who is funny and with whom I can steal horses. The appearance is secondary ”.

In addition to motorcycling, arable and poultry farmer Rüdiger has a special hobby: flying with his own ultralight aircraft. He owns 30 hectares of arable land with strawberry, potato and wine cultivation, forest, farm shop, estate tavern, 800 laying hens, 100 chickens, 30 to 40 turkeys and ten pigs. He has been divorced for nine years and has been living alone for three years. He also has an adult son. Rüdiger says of his dream woman: “Ideally, she should be tall, blonde and blue-eyed. Happy between 35 and 50 years old. ”

On Whit Monday, June 1st, moderator Inka Bause (51) will officially present the new farmers at RTL – also on TVNow – at 7:05 p.m.



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