Picture of 12-year-old schoolboy sent into space

Photo: depositphotos/Shad.off

Picture of 12-year-old student Gregory Koby from Zaraysk sent into space, reports”.ru”.

He gave his work the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov, who promised that the painting will go to the astronauts.

Late for Koba organized a sharing session with the crew of the International space station, Oleg Skripochka. The teenager was able to ask questions about life on the ISS.

the Picture Gregory is called “Flight to the stars.” She was sent to the International space station. According to Coba, he did not expect such a development.

on February 15 at ENEA held a meeting with the astronauts who were supposed to go on his first expedition crew ISS-63.

Also at ENEA February 8, launched a theme tour entitled “Chemistry and space”, which was timed to coincide with Russian science Day and birth anniversary of Dmitry Mendeleev.

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