After 45 years together

Irish actor Pierce Brosnan (67) has been living with his family on the US island of Hawaii for 20 years. It was also on the secluded location in the Pacific Ocean where he sealed himself off with his loved ones during the Corona crisis. Nevertheless, the former "James Bond" actor was not spared two tragedies, which occurred as a result of the pandemic in his closest circle of friends, as he has now revealed in a conversation with the magazine "Parade" .

"I lost two friends to COVID-19," reports the 67-year-old. "They were my friends for 45 years." Brosnan is even the godfather of the son of one of the two, he explains his close ties to the deceased. "No matter where you are and how beautiful it may be, there is still a great danger to your life there."

Brosnan hopes that after the end of the corona pandemic, mankind will move closer together: “We are at war. People die. After all, hopefully there will be more amiability and a better awareness of how fragile our planet is. ”



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