Dave Grohl is thrilled at how “great” Post Malone’s Nirvana tribute was, which he gave out through live streaming on YouTube.

The former Nirvana drummer was “honored” that Travis Barker, the drummer at Blink-182, took a seat behind the drums during the benefit concert, which raised money for the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 charity fund.

With the blessing of Courtney Love

Grohl was also impressed by Post Malone’s performance. In a conversation with the ALT 98.7FM radio, the Foo Fighters lead singer explained about the concert: “It was so funny because I was writing. I started this Instagram page called ‘Dave’s True Stories’. First of all, I was honored to see Travis playing the Nirvana songs with the drums. I thought that was totally cool. You rocked. ”

Prior to his performance of the Nirvana Tribute, Posty had been approved by Courtney Love, the widow of the late Smells Like Teen Spirit lead singer Kurt Cobain.

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Courtney shared a link to an article about the concert on her Instagram account and wrote: “Thanks to @postmalone @who (World Health Organization) & @googlewho […] You have my consent. Good luck, Mr. malone. ”

The “rock star” interpreter Malone is a big Nirvana fan and even got tattoos that were inspired by the former “Come As You Are” rockers. (Bang)


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