It almost seems as if Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have miscalculated. Because in order to continue indulging in their luxury life together, the couple is now dependent on rich patrons. While Meghan already knows this principle as a former actress, it should at least be quite unusual for Prince Harry to let patrons endure it.

Sometimes it becomes embarrassing to have done the calculation without the host. Because apparently this is what happened to Prince Harry (35), who had hoped for the Queen’s financial support when planning the move to the United States. The prince apparently did not expect the exorbitant costs for the security of his family. These immense expenditures now seem to be a deep hole in the budget of the former royals. The couple have now left royal life behind, but Harry and Meghan apparently cannot or do not want to do without the luxury.

It almost seems as if Prince Harry had assumed that he would retain his special status despite Megxit. In this case the British taxpayer would have paid for his security costs. But to his surprise, the Queen had denied him this privilege when the Megxit came into effect. Therefore, the couple is now struggling with a financial hole of around 4.5 million euros. To make matters worse, all of Harry and Meghan’s (38) business plans are currently more or less suspended due to the current corona crisis. Therefore, the couple now needs rich patrons who support them. For example, film producer Tyler Perry (50) provides the couple with the villa in which the Sussexes currently live temporarily. These patrons are of course allowed to bask in the shine of the well-known couple every now and then.

Since Papa Charles supposedly didn’t want to make any more money, Harry is already looking for more patrons. While Meghan is used to this lifestyle because she has benefited a lot from it as an actress in the past, it might look a little different for Prince Harry. In the past he only had to snap his fingers if he wanted something, now it is time to clean the handles to find sponsors for the couple who are financially strong. It will be interesting to see how long the prince will take part in this game.



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