The English royal family is currently extremely stressful. As everywhere, the palace is of course very much about the current Corona crisis, which has led to the Queen isolating herself at Windsor Castle with her husband Prince Philip. So a lot of work for Prince William and Duchess Kate, who now have to shoulder numerous tasks alone.

The current situation is of course exacerbated by the fact that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, two important pillars of the royal family who had previously also completed many tasks, are also missing after the “Megxit”. But because Harry and Meghan are now in the United States, of course, only more work remains on Prince William and Duchess Kate. While Duchess Kate’s complaints about the new workload had recently appeared in the media, Prince William now seems to be troubled by the stress. As if the increased workload was not bad enough, the Crown Prince now even has to do without one of his most important employees at his side.

The “Kensington Palace” has now announced that William’s private secretary cannot support the prince in his work at the moment. The latter was entrusted with other tasks for the government in connection with the corona pandemic. As a result, he naturally lacks the time to help Prince William with his work. Prince William should, however, greatly appreciate the cooperation of his confidant and even trust him blindly. It remains to be seen whether William can get the situation under control without his loyal employees. Otherwise, the stress factor at Prince William could increase further and then possibly even have health flies for the prince.



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