Putin accepted the resignation of the Governor of Kamchatka

Photo: TASS/Gabriel Grigorov

Vladimir Putin has accepted the resignation of Kamchatka Governor Vladimir Ilyukhin, RIA Novosti reported.

the acting Governor of the Kamchatka region before the inauguration of the new head of the region appointed Vladimir Solodov. Still, he led the government of Yakutia.

the Decree comes into force from the day of its signing.

Vladimir Ilyukhin said that he had submitted to the President a letter of resignation at own will.

Ilyukhin was on the post of Governor of the region since 2011. It is noted that this is the longest term on a post of the head of Kamchatka Krai after unification of the Koryak Autonomous area and Kamchatka region.

Earlier, the head of the Komi Sergei Gaplikov resigned. He said this in his video message to the people of the region. In addition, the resignation of the Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov.

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