Putin and tsunami coronavirus: Russia not to avoid the hard scenario

In the coming days, we will lay a powerful wave, which has already experienced for yourself, many countries of the world. At the meeting with its key representatives in the regions, Putin acted as a sea captain, giving a loud order, “”all hands on deck! All life support systems of the ship in full combat readiness!”

Modern Russia sverhsekretnoj state. And usually all the most important decisions are announced here at the top. The situation with the transfer of our country on “a war footing” to combat coronaviruses exception. The palm – heavy duty to announce the tough, unpopular but necessary decisions – were transferred to regional authorities, first among which confidently took the mayor of Moscow. The performance of the GDP before their agent confirm what is what and so knew all connoisseurs of the customs of Putin’s Kremlin: about any refusal of the President from his powers, it never was. Federal centre and the Moscow authorities are in close tandem.

All the past few days the country is gently and gradually prepared for quarantine. In power apparently realized that if Putin personally and simultaneously announced a whole set of austerity measures, the state could occur panic. Therefore, there is a need in a sophisticated game of “good and evil investigators”: for a soothing Putin’s address to the nation on Wednesday, March 25 within a few hours followed by a set of strict and decisive measures to Sergei Sobyanin.

as soon As the population is accustomed to these measures, the fact was the new tightening of quarantine. The performance of the GDP before the envoys means that this tactic is approached the limit of its usefulness. The government considers that the phase of the psychological preparation of the population for the inevitable is over. In the veiling of anything no longer needed.

the Country speak openly: get ready to increase the number of cases. “I appeal to you, and to the heads of subjects of Federation: in the coming days you must complete a full inventory of statepreparation and readiness of medical institutions.

at your own risk need details to assess the real willingness of hospital beds, use every opportunity to build up fast, if need be, the reserve available beds” – how else can one interpret such an indication of Putin? From my point of view, no. And this applies to all the other detailed instructions are received from the President of the regional leaders.

Coronavirus hurricane has already appeared on the horizon. Hope that he will change course and will not affect Russia more is not necessary. All prepare for the main storm of our life! Captain Putin already did that.