Putin pinched tail fat cats

Sergei Sobyanin in the week said that only one in five in our country were infected in Russia. That is, 80% of cases of coronavirus — imported. Said that Courchevel suitcases to us the infection brought. The middle class (presidential determination) is not something that is abroad, not travel, a trip to the store as a holiday treats. So in reality, this coronavirus — a disease of the rich or even successful. Where is more sick? Where there is money, in Moscow. Where most cases in the suburbs? Exactly where a handful of estate owners. And the regions, if you look, not a tractor he usually turns out to be ill, but an official something or, God forbid, a civil society activist.

Kommunarka after a visit to Putin becoming the new Courchevel. Then you will have “command of our youth” gathered headed Leshchenko (the people have for the “Blue light” scared yet), and a new party of “La Boheme”, don’t even guess that there is such a bill — $ 100. Where’s your smoothie and Jacuzzi, ask. Young female in chat rooms to seriously discuss how to get in order to get inside, hit oral abilities Papic and finally, to fulfill a dream — to become a kept woman.

Citizens easier, apparently deciding that the poor infection does not stick, at the weekend staged a little protest action — mass went to the parks to drink and cook kebabs. Can understand the logic of the reasoning: that it is because of all Courchevel (unprintable word) ordinary people must suffer, the last joy of losing? By the way, the answer to this question even Karl Marx gave. What the hell has changed since then.

Even Putin has nothing to do with this can’t — there is a class of exploiters, and there we are. The President announced the holiday, but with pay. “Yeah, I think not,” replied the laws of capitalism. At the meeting with entrepreneurs the President made it clear — support measures are insufficient, it’s a disaster. Small businesses in such conditions like Ms.K-pitoreasca just leaned back and even legs twist stopped. Guess who will be passed loss business owners?

it is Impossible not to give credit to Putin took over the fat cats. However, before he could say that would incur taxes on the interest on large deposits, as the bankers began to complain — investors (serious, not the middle class) began to withdraw money. Russian bankers is generally prohibitive any creation. Globally declare vacation credit, lower interest rates on loans to support people. We have, as we learned in the week, interest rates on loans and mortgages, a number of banks decided to raise it.

But most interesting, as he pinched the tail of other cats who do not wish to share the stolen sour cream. The introduction of a tax on dividends going offshore — it’s just still a small revolution. Nationalization of the elite and all that. But. You need to have the coronavirus to wait to shut up shop in the export of the country’s money? Nobody did not know about it, or what? It seems that the coronavirus was more effective than the cobblestone in the hands of the proletariat.

Another trend emerged last week, is quite encouraging. Look, Putin went to the hospital in the project, announced a one week vacation, and after that the chief of this Kommunarka mentioned that the peak incidence rate will have just for the upcoming week. So now while we sit at home, begin a precipitous rise in the number of cases (which makes sense), will slow and then begin to rise the number of recovery. And the end of the month we will hear that due to the measures taken (it is unlikely that someone will remember something more vivid than “Putin’s vacation”) we managed. And all is well.

moreover, knocking on the window the boundless April. It would be necessary to admit, to breathe and believe that one day the pendulum will swing in the right direction.

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