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Queen Elizabeth II refrains from "inappropriate" salute shots

Queen Elizabeth II. muss 2024 auf öffentliche Geburtstagsfeierlichkeiten verzichten

April 18, 2024 – 1:42 p.m.

Consideration in Corona times

Queen Elizabeth II’s 94th birthday is just around the corner. In large groups and with a lot of fanfare, however, there will be no celebrations on April 21. Even the cannon shots that are otherwise fired in honor of the royal family on birthdays or anniversaries are dispensed with. According to a source of the British “Daily Mail” not named by name, the British monarch thinks that such a ceremony is “inappropriate” in times of the Corona crisis. It is the first time in the history of her 68-year reign that there will be no salute shots on her birthday.

Prince William is concerned

How Queen Elizabeth II will spend her 94th birthday is not known. She is currently at Windsor Castle with her husband, Prince Philip (98). The situation is close to her grandson, Prince William (37), together with his wife Duchess Kate (38). In a “BBC” interview on Friday, he said that he thinks a lot about his grandparents, not least because of their old age. However, he also added that they would do everything “we can to ensure that they are isolated and protected from the virus.”

The Trooping the Color military parade, which is usually held on the second Saturday in June each year in honor of the British monarch, will also not take place in 2024.

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