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Meghan & Harry: First pictures show the couple in their new home in Los Angeles

April 18, 2020 – 10:25 am

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan hand out food

Imagine Prince Harry (35) and Duchess Meghan (38) are suddenly at the door! So did some residents of West Hollywood. There, the two royal dropouts distributed meals to the sick and needy. These are the first recordings that Harry and Meghan show in their new adopted home California after the Megxit. How casual the couple was on the road and what the performance says about their relationship can be seen in the video.

“Then I looked at Meghan and combined everything”

Since the beginning of April, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have no longer performed official duties for the British royal family. And she hasn’t been seen in public since moving to the United States. Until now. Now the two were sighted for the first time in Los Angeles. For the Project Angel Food charity, Harry and Meghan served hot food to people who, due to their critical health, should not take care of themselves during the corona pandemic.

At work, Meghan and Harry were completely unremarkable and hid their real identities. Dan Tyrell, who was supplied by them, tells the Daily Mail that he didn’t recognize the Sussexes until he opened his door. “My phone rang and a lady said, ‘Hello, this is Meghan from Project Angel Food.’ I said, ‘Oh, do you want to meet me down there?’ I didn’t know at the time that it was THE Meghan. ”

When he went down the outside stairs of his residential complex and discovered two SUVs on the street, he was startled, the 53-year-old continues. “I knew something was going on.” At the front door he saw a man with red hair who looked familiar. “Then I looked at Meghan and combined everything,” says Dan Tyrell. But the two ex-royals did not officially introduce themselves. Instead, they said to him, “Here is your meal and thank you. We hope you are well and that you are okay.” He also didn’t ask Harry and Meghan about their identity so that they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, says Dan Tyrell, who is very grateful for the special food delivery.


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