There’s news from DSDS winner 2024 Ramon Roselly, who is known to already have half of the hit crowd in Germany at his feet.

Unfortunately, the rise of the likable singer, who comes from a multi-generation artist dynasty, was somewhat slowed down by the corona pandemic. Some TV recordings were postponed or, like “Let’s Dance”, took place in mid-April without an audience. Unfortunately, Sachsen-Strahlemann was unable to give promotional appointments such as autograph sessions. Like everyone else, he has to keep his distance from his fans. How is it going?

Ramon Roselly: Neue Bilder mit dem Strahlemann des Jahres! Nico Schimmelpfennig

New photos from home

1. On Instagram, Ramon has made it rare to post new photos. The last entry is from April 29th. In his instastory, he posted a video of a 5km run yesterday morning under the hashtag #Vollgas. His advice: “It is best to do sports early, then you have the day ahead of you and can enjoy the day!” has a surprise for all fans! Celebrity photographer Nico Schimmelpfennig recently did a small exclusive shoot for us with Ramon in his home country, from which he brought us a whole season of new photos. Of course we don’t want to withhold it from Ramon fans! Here are a few, first pictures – and they prove Ramon’s model qualities.

Ramon Roselly: Neue Bilder mit dem Strahlemann des Jahres! Nico Schimmelpfennig

New show with Florian Silbereisen

2. Florian Silbereisen will record the new TV show “Welcome to the SchlagerXirkus – Stars & Hits in Leipzig!” On May 29th. There the top pop singers will perform in a circus ring! We laughed if the local hero and former artist Ramon Roselly, who still lives in a caravan, was not there! Because the ex of Helene Fischer should not have missed Ramon’s special talent.

3. There have been rumors in the last few days that Silbereisen supposedly wanted to secure “first access” to Ramon in the universe of the two major public service broadcasters. The 26-year-old was planned for a performance at the first edition of the ZDF television garden 2024 on May 10, but no longer appears there.

Ramon Roselly: Neue Bilder mit dem Strahlemann des Jahres! Nico Schimmelpfennig

Indeed, Silbereisen and Roselly have a special connection: they met at DSDS, where Silbereisen sat on the jury. The moderator gave them red underpants as a lucky charm. Senior judge Dieter Bohlen bluntly advised the 38-year-old to book Ramon for his shows. He practiced in diplomatic modesty that there was an editorial office that nibbled about it …

New version of “One Night”

4. Since yesterday, Ramon’s first hit “Eine Nacht” has been released in the version by Randolph Rose. The hit star of the 70s had helped the artist to achieve his DSDS triumph indirectly when Roselly stunned the jury with the song “100 Years”. And as you know, it comes from Randolph!

Ramon Roselly: Neue Bilder mit dem Strahlemann des Jahres! Nico Schimmelpfennig

The newcomer and the veteran have had a close friendship since the first DSDS casting and get along really well.
Randolph was overwhelmed by the resonance that spilled over to him through Ramon’s grandiose appearances with the old song.

Randolph Rose: “My team and I have decided to present Ramon’s hit in the current DSDS season as a thank you for the multiple presentations of my song ‘100 years are still too short’.”

5. Incidentally, Ramon’s album debut “Herzenssache” is still number 2 on the German album charts. Behind him are last week’s winners Ufo361 (“Rich Rich”) in third place, sauna club in fourth place and newcomer Edo Saiya (“The Entire History Of You”) in fifth place. More about the charts of the week here!


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