Mother’s Day next Sunday in times of Corona is also a special day for Natascha Ochsenknecht (55). “My mother is finally back in Berlin with me,” says the former model in conversation with spot on news. “The children come for coffee and dinner. We will play games as always. ”

Ochsenknecht’s mother, Bärbel Wierichs, turns 80 in October and therefore belongs to the risk group. But her mother is tough and always has something to do. “She sews a lot and is creative. Since she lives in Fulda, she was taken care of by friends and I always sent her surprise packages. She stayed well at home, ”says the designer, describing the time in isolation.

Ochsenknecht is the mother of three children. Her sons Wilson Gonzalez (30), Jimi Blue (28) and their daughter Cheyenne Savannah (19) come from their marriage to actor Uwe Ochsenknecht (64). The trio comes up with something special for their mother year after year. “Of course I don’t know what it is this year,” explains the 55-year-old.

And what was your best Mother’s Day gift so far? “Everything that comes from my children, the first self-made pictures, gifts made. I saved everything. “


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