Ramon Roselly is a guest on another prime time show on Friday night after the silly scripted MDR “Schlagerxirkus” and the ARD “Schlagerlovestory” and can once again demonstrate what an excellent top singer and pound guy he is.

“The Ultimate Chart Show – The Most Successful Live Acts” will focus on the best live performers for almost four hours from 8:15 p.m. Whether in the small concert club you are rocking to catchy rhythms or in the arena lighters flare up to your favorite ballad, every music fan still has an old concert card, a snapshot or a funny fan article somewhere that he loves Live moments reminded.

Ramon Roselly

klatsch-tratsch.de/Nico Schimmelpfennig

ZDF television garden is coming

Due to the pandemic, Ramon Roselly has not yet had a chance to stand in front of a normal mass audience (without a drive-in cinema with a distance effect), but he will become one of Oliver Geissen’s besides pop legend Howard Carpendale, Patricia Kelly, PUR and the Cologne rock legends BAP Live singer in the studio.

If that’s all too little Ramon, here are two more tips: As of today, there is the Making Of on YouTube for its second single release “A summer night with you” (there is amazing information about the song here!) From his gold-refined debut album “A matter of the heart”. And no – the lady in the video is model Amanda and will not be his girlfriend …

On Sunday Ramon will finally perform with Andrea Kiewel in the ZDF “TV Garden” from 11.50 am. Also included are the vocal grenades Thomas Anders & Florian Silbereisen, Ben Zucker with sister Sarah Zucker, Howard Carpendale, young star Vincent Gross, dermatologist Yael Adler and others.


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