Magdalena Brzeska (42) is still struggling with the consequences of her bicycle fall at the end of May this year. The former rhythmic gymnast and today’s trainer had to undergo wrist surgery. In an interview with RTL, the ex-competitive athlete has now informed about her current state of health.

The camera accompanied her to a doctor’s visit that she was afraid of. Because shortly after the operation it was very critical of her hand. She had a complicated broken fracture on her left wrist and three tendons were severed. “The doctor told me that the healing process would take a very, very long time. In the worst case, I will no longer be able to stretch my fingers, ”Brzeska explained to“ Bild ” shortly after the four-hour emergency operation.

According to the latest examination, the relief: The doctor had only reported positive things to her. She will also be able to move the damaged fingers again, Brzeska told RTL. She was relieved and very confident that she could move her hand completely again. However, she had to be patient, because it was not yet certain when she would be able to fully insert her fingers again.

The fall occurred on a mountain bike tour around the Alpsee, which Brzeska had done together with friend Roland and a friend. “I wanted to drive around two pedestrians, but realized too late that two cyclists were coming towards me. I hit the brakes immediately, but then I flew straight over the handlebars and landed on the left wrist with all my weight. I knew immediately that something was broken, ”Brzeska told the“ Bild ”at the time.


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