She found out through an official letter

“Rote Rosen” actress Maike Bollow (56) has to deal with a hard blow: her mother died at the beginning of the year and she only found out about her death months later – through an official letter. "My mother died five months ago and I knew nothing about it," says the actress of the "Bild" .

For 18 years, the actress had had no contact with her mother, who remarried after marrying Maike Bollow's father. “We had a disagreement at the time. From my point of view, that was a trivial matter, maybe not for my mother, ”says Bollow. The broke contact with the daughter. Until then, they would have had a good relationship with each other.

The worst thing for the actress is that she didn't find out what her mother died from: “My love for her was deeply rooted, always there. I even spoke to her in spirit, ”says Bollow. "But I don't know how she died." To say goodbye, she now wanted to bury a photo of the mother in the forest.



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