The federal government, in cooperation with the federal states, has just decided to relax the anti-corona recommendations a little. Over the next few weeks, you will see how the situation develops with loosened rules. If the number of infections rises sharply again, more stringent protective measures would have to be taken.

The experts from the Robert Koch Institute are now curious to see how the situation around the corona virus will develop with the relaxed rules. But the experts are not kidding themselves. They believe that without a vaccine there can be no return to normal. This was confirmed by RKI Vice President Lars Schaade at a press conference in Berlin. The most important task of the people is to try to avoid new infections even under relaxed rules. As soon as the borders are opened again, the RKI sees an additional risk that the virus can be introduced again from abroad.

The researchers will continue to monitor the number of infections with great suspense in the near future, because it will depend on these whether there will be further loosening in the future. “We have achieved a lot in the past few weeks. But the situation is still serious. There is no end to the epidemic in sight, the virus is not gone, the number of cases can increase again. Stay at home, keep your distance – at least 1.5 meters. Adhere to the rules of cough and wear them in public spaces such as means of transportation, face-to-face masks, ”Schaade appeals to the citizens of Germany.


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