Kindergartens, schools, playgrounds and sports fields have been closed for weeks. Many parents are in the home office, and the time off school in your own four walls can be quite long. So what to do if the kids want to be employed? Play! Johannes B. Kerner welcomed four teams to the big game night on ZDF, each consisting of a prominent family or a prominent couple, to compete in the studio: Til Schweiger with his daughter Luna, Bettina Zimmermann and Kai Wiesinger, Verona Pooth with son San Diego Pooth and Amira and Oliver Pocher.

Caring for the infectious patient demands a victim: Sister Therese (Klara Deutschmann) has tuberculosis and, as has always been the case, is supposed to leave the Charité to die in the mother house in Kaiserswerth. But Ida (Alicia von Rittberg) successfully fights with Virchows (Ernst Stötzner) help that Therese can stay at the Charité. Meanwhile Robert Koch (Justus von Dohnányi) is testing his new tuberculosis remedy on himself and on his lover Hedwig. The effect of tuberculin is violent, so Ida is initiated as a quiet nurse to take care of the feverish cook.

In his investigative comedy show “Mario Barth cleans up!” Germany’s most successful comedian and his team of prominent colleagues examine the everyday flood of new studies, statistics and advice that are sold to us as the ultimate truth.

An unknown flying object lands in the middle of Central Park; the alien Klaatu (Keanu Reeves) is on board. Does he come on a peaceful mission? Is it a threat? The US government is alarmed and is assembling a team of scientists to investigate Klaati’s intentions. Among them is the biologist Helen (Jennifer Connelly), who seems to trust Klaatu.

The plague in Paris? In the 21st century? The rumor of an epidemic outbreak spreads. At the same time, scribbled numbers appear on house doors in the city: the upside down 4 meant protection from the deadly disease in the Middle Ages. The first body is soon found: it is black, like black death. Commissioner Adamsberg (José Garcia) gets to the bottom of the matter with unusual methods.


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