“Horrible” culinary art

Robert Pattinson (34, “Twilight”) was in London because of the filming of “The Batman” (autumn 2023) when the corona crisis hit for the first time. Since then he and his girlfriend have been living in an apartment rented by the production company – in which he not only has to struggle with a poor internet connection, but also with even worse food, as he tells in the conversation with the men’s magazine “GQ” .

“I googled yesterday and went to YouTube to see how to make pasta in the microwave,” admits Pattinson. Just put the pasta in a bowl and then turn on the microwave. The whole thing is “pretty hideous. But I mean, who would have thought that it would make the whole thing taste disgusting. ”

Pattinson thanked God for giving him other food from production because he didn’t know what else he would do. The actor can at least “survive” if he is on his own. He could prepare porridge with protein powder (vanilla flavor). He also eats “from cans and such. I literally put Tabasco in a tuna can and just eat straight from the can. […] It’s strange, but my eating habits are simply that I eat a bit like a wild animal. Straight from the trash can. ”

Last year, Pattinson even had a business idea related to fast food. He thought: “How can I make a pasta dish that you can hold in your hand?” He even designed a prototype, a kind of panini made of pasta. However, this did not go down very well with restaurateur Lele Massimini, which is why Pattinson was no longer interested in his project. He already had a name for the product: “Piccolini Cuscino” – “small pillow”.

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