Romantic gifts will not save a failing relationship – psychologist

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the Celebration of Valentine’s Day and gifts on the occasion of memorable dates will not help couples with strained relations. This was stated by a member of the Federation of psychologists of education of Russia Yulia Chelysheva, as reported by the Agency “Moscow”.

“If your relationship fails – the holiday probably will not be able to save them. You need to look for the root cause of the crisis, and not just giving a gift, to go to the cafe and hope that the problem will be solved”, – said the expert.

the Psychologist explained that Valentine’s Day can become an additional reason to pay attention to a close person, if between partners there is no innuendo or serious conflicts. It is recommended to plan your free time together so that none of the couples are not left disappointed.

a Joint celebration of Julia Chelysheva called a factor of the origin of certain traditions among the partners. This is especially important in the early stages of a relationship.

Earlier it became known that Valentine’s Day has prepared a program in the sports complex “Luzhniki”. Lovers are invited on a tour of the Grand sports arena, and you can visit it will be one ticket for two.

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