Rosstat has proposed to move all-Russia population census

Photo: TASS/Petr Kovalev

Rosstat considers the possibility of postponing the census of the population of coronavirus, reports RIA Novosti.

Pass she had in October of this year, and want to move it to 2024. New deadlines will be determined by the government of the Russian Federation. In turn, Federal state statistics service analyzes the current situation and is ready to offer various options for the organization and conduct of future censuses.

In the Federal service reminded that on March 30 the danger of the spread of the virus and the introduction of a regime of self-isolation in some regions of the country decided to postpone the beginning of the census in remote areas.

the head of the Ministry Pavel Malkov believes that the postponement of the census will not affect the quality and result, and only give the opportunity to better prepare for the use of modern online technologies, which will be a distinctive feature of the first digital census of Russia.

Earlier it was reported that the Russians will take part in the census on a voluntary basis, no penalties for nonparticipation are not going to enter.

the census will use big data, particularly from mobile operators. This will clarify the data obtained during the census.

the mayor created the Commission of the Moscow government on the preparation and conduct of national population census 2024.

the Commission will consider the issues of interaction of municipal and Federal Executive authorities in the preparation of the census, processing of materials and the publication of its results. The members of the Committee will be to monitor the entire process.

all-Russia population census to be held from 1 to 31 October 2024. Last year, Russia hosted the pilot census. For the first time it was held in digital format. Residents who have an account on a Single portal of public services, able to complete electronic questionnaire for themselves and their family members. To answer the questions can be in anyfirst time.

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