Zhirinovsky urged residents to stay home

Photos: the Agency “Moscow”/Andrew Nikulichev

the Leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky urged residents to listen to authorities and stay home due to the spread of the coronavirus. It is reported portal “the World 24”.

the Politician said that now difficult for all the time you need to take responsibility to a regime of isolation and to think not only about their health, but also other citizens. He added that the absence of symptoms does not mean that you cannot infect others.

“You still don’t know what’s already sick and you can’t catch it, but you infect others, so be aware of this need and not to leave the house,” – said the politician.

Zhirinovsky encouraged citizens into isolation to do what you love, for example, to pay attention to the Internet and TV where, he said, you can find “enormous amount of interesting information”.

“I Wish you to sit at home many days, to go healthy and to have a good summer”, – concluded the head of the LDPR faction.

In February, Zhirinovsky said that members of his party refused to embrace hygienic purposes. He noted that now the main thing is to reduce contact with other people. The Deputy advised the citizens not to kiss, not to press each other hands and do not touch surfaces in public places.

Total worldwide, according to who, cases of infection with coronavirus is more than 827 thousand people, more than 40 thousand died. In Russia recorded 2777 sick, recovered 190 people died and 24 people.

Russia fixed 2 777 cases COVID-19

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