Workers on the isolation offered to give a discount on communication services

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow Maxim Denisov

a Member of the Public chamber of Russia Ilya Semin proposed to reduce the cost of services for mobile communications and the Internet for citizens working in the mode of self-isolation, RT reports.

the Social worker explained that workers who were forced to move to remote work, now spend a lot more money to pay for phone and Internet than in the period of work in the office.

In this regard, he suggested that for such workers to enter a discount of 50% on fares by the hour. However, he added that to use the discount, only those workers who are on remote began to use communication services for more than last six months.

“for Example, if the average employee was talking on his cell phone one hour under the conditions of udalenka began to talk more than three hours per day, 50% discount must be calculated with the difference, that is, with two hours of conversation for rates by the hour,” – said Semin.

For limited and corporate rates a member of the house proposed to increase the volume of available traffic 1.5 without extra charges. According to him, this measure will allow to increase the productivity and motivation of employees.

Previously, the business coach Andrey Antonov told how to organize an efficient work day at home. According to him, the quality of work directly depends on the inner attitude. Antonov believes that the creation of the workplace and proper office wear will help employees home faster to tune in to productive work.

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