Russia until the end of the day will be sent to the U.S. aircraft with medical aid

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that today during the day was carried out the technical coordination of sending from Russia to USA flight with medical equipment and means of protection.

“this assistance was discussed at a meeting held on Monday telephone conversation of presidents of Russia and the USA”, – said Peskov, adding that the aircraft should fly before the end of the current day.

He noted that Russia has offered help in the background of a severe epidemiological situation in the United States and President Donald trump with appreciation that assistance has taken.

Peskov also said that Putin, offering the help of the United States, meant that American manufacturers will gain momentum and, if necessary, will meet Russia in return.

however, according to Peskov, the Russian side the impression that some representatives of the American side in the negotiation process did not contribute to the prompt resolution of technical matters pursuant to agreements of the two presidents.

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