Sarah Lombardi is finally making music again. After various television projects and plenty of private posts on Instagram, Sarah turns back to what she is still best at.

On Saturday (May 16) Sarah Lombardi competes on ProSieben in the "Free European Song Contest" for Italy. A bizarre connection at first glance. But connoisseurs know: her mother Sonja was born in Italy and her grandparents Carmela and Carmelo also come from there.

New record label

Before the TV show invented by Stefan Raab on Saturday, Sarah's first single appears on a new label today. It wasn't until the end of April that the 27-year-old signed a deal with the traditional Sony music label Ariola.

The diverse entertainer celebrates love, life and summer with the song. This hot contender for the summer hit 2024 combines contemporary Latin rhythms with party feeling and pure joie de vivre. The feel-good track produced in Cologne's Tinseltown studio is available on all common streaming portals. "Te amo mi Amor" also goes online today as a lyric video.


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