Finally: borders with Austria are opened again

Anyone who has booked their summer vacation in Austria can now breathe easy! The border between Germany and Austria, closed due to the corona pandemic, is to be fully opened again on June 15.

Entry is currently only possible with a certificate

As of this Friday, there will only be random checks at the borders, the Chancellery in Vienna confirmed on Wednesday. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) had called Merkel on Tuesday.

The following regulations currently apply to entry into Austria: Persons entering Austria must submit a medical certificate stating that they have had a negative test for COVID-19. The medical certificate must not be older than four days upon entry.

Austrian tourism is heavily dependent on German summer vacationers. Above all, the industry pushed for clarity regarding the summer season. She referred to bookings from regular German guests that made it difficult for new Austrian guests to make promises.

The EU Commission wants to adopt its guidelines for a gradual opening of the border on Wednesday.



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