What loves each other dances together – at least in the case of the dream couple Sarah Lombardi (27) and friend Julian Büscher (27).

The two lovebirds deliver various dance challenges on TikTok – much to the delight of their fans. The Drop Challenge for the Reggae catchy tune "Banana" from Conkarah is currently on the program.

@ sarellax3

@julbue #dropchallenge #drop

? Banana (feat.Shaggy) – Conkarah

First shared apartment

And for her new hit "Te Amo Mi Amor" Sweet-Sarah is swinging her hips not only with her current great love, but also with her ex Pietro Lombardi (27). Son Alessio (4) should be happy: The real dad can sing great, the replacement dad can play great football. This is how patchwork works.

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But not only the little one is happy, so is the mom. Sarah just recently showed the new love nest in Cologne-Hürth on Instagram: four rooms (including a large open kitchen), two bathrooms and a wonderful terrace: sounds like a lot of space for lots of love!


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