Many lottery players in Germany are already looking forward to drawing the lottery numbers this Wednesday. Because the jackpot of around 28 million euros is guaranteed to be distributed in the drawing on Wednesday evening. Since no lottery player had reached 6 correct + super numbers even on the drawing on Pentecost Saturday, the jackpot rose to 28 million euros and is therefore guaranteed to be distributed at the next drawing.

In 2009, the lottery company changed the rules for Lotto 6 out of 49. Since then, the jackpot must be distributed every 13th draw at the latest. In the previous 12 lottery draws, none of the players had 6 correct + super numbers. Last Saturday the 2nd class win for 6 correct players was also vacant. “A guaranteed distribution right after the Pentecost festival – that’s good news for the tippers in LOTTO 6aus49,” explains Jürgen Häfner, Managing Director of Lotto Rheinland-Pfalz. Guaranteed payouts are made whenever the jackpot has not been won 12 times in a row. That is why the participants can look forward to this huge gain on Wednesday.

So far, however, it is only clear that the jackpot will be distributed this Wednesday. How exactly depends on different scenarios. In the case of one or more winners in the 1st prize class (6 correct numbers plus super number), the entire amount of the jackpot will be paid to the winner (s) regularly.

If no player achieves the profit in the 1st profit class, the jackpot is automatically assigned to profit class 2 (6 correct) and distributed there among all winners. If on Wednesday no tipsters get 6 correct numbers, the jackpot will be divided among the winners of the next lower category 3 (5 correct numbers plus super number). Since the launch in 2009, the jackpot has only been guaranteed to be paid out four times.



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