Muscovites staged a fight with a crowbar and a shovel near the pharmacy

the Two men something is not shared in pharmacy in Moscow, Chertanovskaya street and put up a fight. When one of them first grabbed a wooden shovel for snow removal, and then and scrap metal left behind by the workers housing.

the Conflict came to a surveillance camera. As informs TV channel REN-TV, the footage shows that the men left the drugstore and continued dismantling on the street. One shot his opponent in the video, and the second tried to step on it.

Then the men fled from the field of view of the cameras, but reappeared and is already the owner of a cell phone chasing his opponent and he grabbed a wooden shovel and then the scrap.

In the end, according to the report, taken possession of the scrap party conflict broke vehicle to the second man and ran away.

Now the police checks and sets the amount of damage.