Who doesn’t know it, you’re in a hurry, but the Internet is not. Quite often it is due to one or two settings that you can change, and the Internet and Fritzbox are much faster! Read here which secret tricks can be easily used to increase the speed! Make your Fritzbox faster and surf the Internet even faster in just two simple steps? No problem! It’s so easy to tune your router to a high-speed device!

It’s that easy to get the maximum speed from your router! Just two small steps help you get the ultimate speed out of your router – and that’s how it works!

Activate Fritzbox Power Mode! Simply to more speed!

Many people do not even know that you can get a lot more performance out of your router! We show you how to do it here! To bring more speed into the network, you should accelerate the data exchange macimally. You can easily check the speed at which you are currently working by opening the FRITZ! Box user interface. First select the menu item “Home network” and then “Network”. Under the tab “Network Settings” you can then activate the FRITZ! Box Power Mode for all required LAN connections. By doing so, you specify that these connections should achieve a transmission rate of up to 1 Gbit per second. Then confirm your choice by clicking on the “Apply” button. Important to know: This setting has no influence on the speed and strength of your WLAN, but only optimizes the speed of devices that go into the network via the defined LAN connections.

Activate the power mode for USB 3.0 connections

With the FRITZ! Box models 7490 and 3490, you can use the same method to modify the USB connections of the router. Important here: The operating system of the FRITZ! Box must be up to date. If in doubt, you should update beforehand or contact the PC SPECIALIST on site. If the requirements are met, simply switch from “Green” to “Power Mode” in the settings for the USB 3.0 connections.


Which Fritz boxes support gigabit LAN?

Almost all. Few exceptions are the Fritzbox 7430 or the Fritzbox 4020. You can find an overview of all current devices on the official AVM homepage – including whether there are ports for Gigabit LAN or not.


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