The voltage increases! Only 4 pairs are still in the running for the win for this year’s “Let’s Dance” season. And judging by the achievements so far, Massimo Sinató & Lili Paul-Roncalli are definitely among the favorites for the win. But now there seem to be problems. Because some fans accuse juror Joachim Llambi of favoring the couple. A real scandal if it really should be.

Since the beginning of the show, Massimo and Lili have been among the best rated couples in their dances. Therefore, the couple’s favorite position emerged very early. But now there are rumors that the dance couple from judge Joachim Llambi should be given preference. But how did these rumors come about? Today Massimo had posted a couple of Wirs on his Instagram profile and commented below: “3 dances from the finale … can we do it?”. Actually not an unusual thing, because after all Massimo probably wanted to point out today’s broadcast. However, the comment below the picture was unusual, where juror Joachim Llambi of all people answered with the following comment; “Why?”.

And this comment has caused polemics. An angry user writes: “Believe Llambi likes them the most. You notice that even when you look at it. You always get sooooo many points even though the others were sometimes even better. My friends have said that many times. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do. ”So is the couple actually preferred by the jurors? In any case, Massimo has not yet commented on the user’s comment. Will this polemic be a stumbling block on the way to the final for Lili and Massimo? This question will be answered by the audience at today’s show from “Let’s Dance”.


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