Terrible accident with a tram in Munich. There, a 12-year-old on a bicycle had apparently overlooked the tram and collided with it. Despite the immediate braking, the train driver could no longer prevent the collision with the child. The girl hit her head against the windscreen of the train and was dragged along for several meters until the train came to a complete stop.

The terrible accident happened in the Berg am Laim district of Munich. There, the 12-year-old cyclist had turned early Thursday morning to cross the Kreillerstraße and the tram track bed. The girl overlooked a line 21 train that was currently traveling on this route. The driver was still able to warn the girl with an acoustic signal and initiate an emergency stop, but he could no longer avoid the collision with the cyclist. After the girl was hit on the head by the windscreen of the train, she was dragged a few meters away. The rescue workers called to the scene of the accident after the accident took care of the girl on site before she was taken to a hospital with her serious injuries. We can only hope that the young patient will recover completely after this serious accident. In the course of cleaning up after the serious accident, the tram tracks had to be blocked for around 90 minutes.



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