As of Monday, unrestricted travel should be resumed for all citizens of the European Union in the European countries. But now the federal government does not seem to be lifting all travel warnings for EU countries. For Spain, Finland and Sweden, travel warnings are expected to continue for the time being.

The current worldwide travel warning for German tourists will only be lifted this Monday for 23 of the 26 other EU countries. After Spain, which will only open its borders again on June 21, Finland has also decided to extend the entry ban for holidaymakers beyond June 15. That is why the Scandinavian country is now listed on the website of the Federal Foreign Office as one of the countries for which the rice warning could remain for the time being. It is also not yet certain whether the travel warning for Sweden will be lifted. Sweden is the only EU country to date not to meet the “pandemic criteria” for lifting warnings. The background is the fact that the upper limit of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants is still exceeded in a week.

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas had decided since March 17 to issue a worldwide travel warning regarding the corona pandemic. This travel warning was valid for almost 200 countries in the world. Now this travel warning will be lifted on Monday after almost three months for almost all EU countries. For these EU countries, the travel warning will then be replaced by so-called travel information, in which reference is made to country-specific risks. In addition, the travel warning will also be lifted for the three non-EU countries in the Schengen area. These are Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. In addition, the travel warning for Great Britain, which has just left the EU, will be lifted. The rice warning for Spain will probably be lifted on June 21 when the country opens its borders again for EU citizens to enter. If the same criteria apply to Finland, the travel warning will not be changed there until July 14th. Because with a few exceptions, the country has decided not to open its borders again until this date. Until then, only people from Norway, Iceland, Estonia, Denmark, Latvia and Lithuania are allowed to enter Finland.



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