Rich Nana / PR

She is an extravagant combination of Cher, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears: The Rich Nana. The shrill jet setter now wants to climb the rap Olympus and released her first single “Papi Chulo”.

The song is just the beginning of her journey, because the grand dame clearly has her goal: land a hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and listen to her song in the famous RapCaviar playlist on Spotify. The video for “Papi Chulo” is premiering on her YouTube channel today.

Video shoot with police force

The video for the single was shot in the beautiful Cuban capital Havana. Rich Nana hired video director Gil Green, who has worked with superstars like Jason Derulo, Nicki Minaj, Pitbull and Camila Cabello.

In the video for “Papi Chulo” Rich Nana shows her preference for flashy outfits and presents herself at least as her rap colleagues, who are 40 years younger. There she dances with a hot Cuban who only has eyes for her.

Rich Nana: Schrille Jetset-Omi (66) startet mit "Papi Chulo" Rap-Karriere

Rich Nana / PR


“We shot the video in Cuba at the end of March and quickly made the pool deck in the hotel the location. The Cubans on the ground freaked out and called the police, ”says Rich Nana about the video shoot. “But after 15 minutes, thanks to my tourist cards and a work permit, I got a shooting permit.”

Rich Nana does all of this in order to come up with the one curated by Carl Chery, Spotify’s Hip-Hop curator and Head of RapCaviar, because “you can’t put that on your bread,” says the rap granny. The blonde living in Switzerland not only wants to get started in Europe, but also want to make it big in America.

Rich Nana: Schrille Jetset-Omi (66) startet mit "Papi Chulo" Rap-Karriere

Rich Nana / PR

From the orphanage to the strip club

Diana Foster aka Rich Nana has had a moving life. From a child in a Czech orphanage to a pop singer, striptease dancer, wife, urban babe, restaurateur, wine merchant and club owner, she now wants to conquer the stages of the world as a rapper.

For this she lives out her love for rap music, now dances to fat beats and wants to break with conventions and shows that the rap business knows no borders and is a home for them too. “All of life is like a theater to me. Decoration and staging are important, ”says Rich Nana about the journey of her life, which actually only started for her at the age of 66.


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