Tom Jones celebrates his 80th birthday on June 7th. But despite his age, the legendary musician still does not want to retire.

Quite the contrary: Sir Tom thinks that he may still have a super hit up his sleeve. In the British “Radio 2” documentary “Sir Tom’s Musical Journey” he said: “People know that I did ‘Sex Bomb’ or ‘Delilah’ or something. Not that I wouldn’t do it again, maybe there is still a ‘sex bomb’ out there, you can’t know that, never say never. I want to sing for many more years.

He lives healthier

“I know that my time is getting shorter due to my age, but I don’t know how short it is. God was very good to me. ”Today, Jones says, he is more considerate of his health than at the height of his career.

He said: “I take more care of my voice today than I used to. You have to drink a lot of water … and don’t smoke so many cigars. ”The fans of the superstar were known to throw their underwear on stage during concerts.

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Tom also revealed how this tradition came about in the conversation: “I never picked it up. It started in New York, in a club. I didn’t mind being a bombshell. My shirt was part of the whole. I was wearing a tuxedo at the beginning, then I took it off because it was getting too warm and thought ‘wow it works’. It was not wanted in the beginning. “(Bang)


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