SK checks videos with false info about restrictions in the text of the coronavirus

Photo credit: the telegram-channel “RUP”

the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow conducts checks on the fact of posting videos with false information about the restrictions in the capital region of coronavirus, reports TASS.

According to preliminary data, on 26 March on one of the streaming video user posted a video containing false information about restrictive measures on the territory of the Moscow region.

According to investigators, the video is posted to create panic among the population. Inaccurate information promptly denied by competent state agencies.

on Sunday evening it was reported that the police have spread the data about establishment in Moscow of a curfew and the prohibition of exit of citizens on the street at this time.

Later the head of Department of information and public relations of the regional Glaucus Ministry of internal Affairs Tatyana Petrova said that in Moscow the curfew has not been established. The police had to inform the residents of the region only on the necessity of adherence to self-imposed isolation.

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Petrov added that in respect of officers who have informed to the residents of the Moscow region, the false information will be audited.

Earlier, the Chairman of the security Council, Dmitry Medvedev said that the pandemic is not the script of a Hollywood movie. He stressed that the country has taken all necessary measures to fight the infection.

Moscow Authorities have imposed restrictions on movement around the city because of the situation with the spread COVID-19.

Moscow imposed new restrictions on the movement of citizens for coronavirus

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