Slipknot don’t want to appear without their masks. The band has always covered their faces during gigs and drummer Shawn “Clown” Crahan thinks it would be real deceit if the rockers suddenly came on stage unmasked.

In the “Fred Minnick Show”, the 50-year-old explains: “I couldn’t imagine anything else. I would find it cheap, it would be scam. I think that’s the difference. It is the self-worth in the dream, in the art that you create. Ours is very, very, very precise and we don’t deviate from the course. ”

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“We don’t fit your hypothesis”

And further: “People keep asking me, will you take off the masks?” And I’m just saying ‘Why do you need this? You only ask me about behavior. You only do this because you have this hypothesis about all other artists in one way or another, but I’m not part of this test. I’m the clown in a band called Slipknot. We are not like you. We don’t fit your hypothesis. ”

The other band members also seem to want to keep their masks on for a while, as the scary musician explains. For him, an appearance without the face covering would be unthinkable. “It’s my life,” explains Shawn. (Bang)


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