There was a lot of discussion about Sweden in the current Corona crisis. In contrast to other countries, there were significantly fewer restrictions on the population during the pandemic. Now the state epidemiologist in charge in Sweden, Anders Tegnell, first makes a detailed statement about the measures taken. And also admits mistakes in the fight against the dangerous virus.

Sweden’s leading epidemiologist Anders Tegnell (64) has now made very self-critical statements about the Swedish special path in the Corona crisis. The epidemiologist now suggests that Sweden would have been better off the coronavirus crisis if it had taken more severe measures. In an interview on Swedish radio on Wednesday, Tegnell said: “I think there is definitely room for improvement in what we have done in Sweden. And it would have been good if you had known more exactly what to close in order to better prevent the spread of infection. ”The death rate in Sweden was significantly higher than in the Scandinavian neighboring countries.

According to current knowledge, Tegnell sees the right way to deal with the virus between the path taken by the Swedish government and the path that the rest of the world has chosen, the epidemiologist admitted. However, it is also questionable in other countries which measures would have had the greatest effect on protecting the population against the virus. Above all against the background that these states had taken a great number of measures at practically the same time. It will be interesting to see what measures will be taken in Sweden in the event of a second wave of the virus.



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