Spain has offered to host the climate summit of the United Nations who Chile has had to suspend due to the mass protests that collapsed the streets of Santiago. President Sebastián Piñeira has informed this Thursday that Pedro Sanchez was put in contact yesterday with him for agreeing to host the event.

The COP25 -acronym that is known to the 25th edition of the climate change conference that is being organized under the umbrella of the United Nations – seems to be cursed. This meeting, which were expected to participate around 25,000 people between negotiators from nearly 200 countries, members of NGOS, companies, politicians, and media workers, we had to celebrate this year in Latin america, given that each issue tries to bring a different continent. Brazil was the country that had offered more than two years ago to accept the appointment, but when he won the elections Jair Bolsonaro, this country withdrew its bid. Bolsonaro, who even made gestures of correction to withdraw Brazil from the Paris Agreement against warming, has become one of the villains international environmental along with Donald Trump, president of the united States.

After the withdrawal of Brazil, during the previous climate summit held in December 2018 in Katowice (Poland)- Chile offered to host the meeting, which now is forced to abort. Costa Rica is also offered as a possible candidate, although it finally took a step back to argue that he could not take care of the cost of this appointment. However, Costa Rica yes it hosted in October called the pre-COP, a preparatory meeting for the appointment of Chile, December.

The area of climate change, the UN reported that the Government of Chile reported him yesterday for his resignation. Patricia Espinosa, executive secretary of the department of climate change of the UN, explained via a brief statement that it was looking for “alternatives”. These alternatives would look for another venue and perhaps a change of dates, detailed sources of the UN.

The conference that is now in the air must serve to ensure that the negotiators of those 200 countries are finished to close the regulation of development of the Paris Agreement against the warming, which will apply during the next decade.

in Addition, it was also hoped to increase the number of countries that commit themselves to raise their plans for cutting emissions of the greenhouse effect, which, for the moment, are not enough for global warming to stay within manageable limits. At the same time, these summits are a place of meeting and presentation of the latest reports by climate experts, businesses and NGOS.


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