The Corona crisis doesn’t stop at Schlager stars either. Stefan Mross had to cancel dozens of concerts and was at home as often as never before. He talks about it in an interview with the German Press Agency – and also about his new album with love duets.

Schlager star Stefan Mross and his fiancé Anna-Carina Woitschack have released their first album together. For “Strong as Two” they only recorded duets about happiness in love. In an interview with the German Press Agency, Mross explains why.

Stefan Mross über das neue Album, Hochzeit und abgebrochene Kontakte

Schneider-Press / W. Breiteicher


What is it like when you live together and then have to work together?
Nobody has to work together. It is very rare that you make music together and then have a private relationship. I would call it an absolute stroke of luck.

Was there no friction when working on the CD together?
If you are together for 24 hours – and also work together – this never fails. If you produce a CD together, which was planned for almost a year, there are of course one or two discussions about flavors, until everything is ready. We finished in early March – just before Corona.

How did you experience the lockdown?
We were in the middle of our tour. This year we had to cancel around 60 concerts, and if you are unemployed overnight then it’s not exactly funny. But you can also get very positive things from that time. We did great things, private concerts from the living room, with which we reached thousands of fans. Contact with our fans was always very important to us and we were actually closer to the fans. When doors close, a lot of new ones open.

But Corona has her planned wedding on her conscience, which had to be canceled due to the pandemic …
It was not unusual, we did not separate. It was only postponed and will be made up as soon as the general situation allows. But we don’t have a specific schedule yet.

Her album deals with love in a fairly monothematic – and in its most beautiful form: the fresh, happy one. Why so one-sided?
At a time like this, you don’t want to hear about separations, how to separate. Anna and I are optimistic people and why should we spread negative mood? Positive music is nicer than negative.

They have two cover versions on the album, including singing the “Dirty Dancing” classic “Time of my Life” with German lyrics. Who had the idea?
Actually Anna. She always had the dream of singing that once. Then we used a German text for a performance at Carmen Nebel, and it is obvious to include the title on the album. We recorded it with a real orchestra.

Stefan Mross über das neue Album, Hochzeit und abgebrochene Kontakte

Schneider-Press / W. Breiteicher

You can hardly imagine a music-making orchestra in Corona times. When do you think you can go back to working as before?
I am optimistic that some Christmas concerts may be possible. But otherwise nothing will happen this year. You have to face the truth. I am happy that I can cheer people up a little with “Always Again Sundays”.

Many artists postpone their new albums because of Corona and because they cannot properly promote them during these times. Not you. Why?
Nobody can predict how long Corona will affect our lives. Where should we move that? We discussed it a lot of evenings, but I think we are now convinced that people want a CD now. You want something new.

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How do you experience the Corona crisis privately so far?
We are just like everyone else. We had no contact with my in-laws and with my mom. At first we were pretty sad because you don’t know how to break contacts. Our hands were all tied. But now I see light on the horizon again.

Many people have eaten Corona kilos in the isolation. They also?
No, we were actually pretty disciplined and a lot healthier than touring because we really cooked fresh every day. It was great fun. Overall, it was also good for me and my health. I have never been home for so long in 30 years. It was good to switch off and go down a bit.

To person

Stefan Mross became famous as a child prodigy with the trumpet, now he can look back on decades of career. He is successful as a pop singer and moderator. In his first marriage, he was married to the singer Stefanie Hertel. He is now engaged to Anna-Carina Woitschack, with whom he has recorded the album “Stark wie Zwei”.


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