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imagine that you start into your adult life, early 20’s and full of ideas and hope for the future. Since it is diagnosed with a mysterious illness that is incurable, and the Doctors open them regretfully gradually to the paralysis and death will result. How many years you stay, no one can say for sure, but the concerned faces of the Doctors you refer to, that it no longer seems to be too much time.

How do you deal with it? They rage against their fate, and they plunge into despair action? You sink into self-pity and depressive “, It has everything anyway, no sense”-sensation? Or are you hoping for a miracle and ask you – depending on your faith – an audience with the Pope/Dalai Lama/miracle healer?

The game is more than a hypothetical thought. It is on the one hand, the story of a personal fate; on the other hand, it is a good metaphor for the feeling of life of our time, shaped by the crises and apocalyptic atmosphere. In the face of a multitude of existential threats – political crises, terrorism, the threat of nuclear war, climate change affects the democratic System as a serious disease of a kind of political paralysis, for which there seems to be no life-saving therapy. While no one can say how long the usual mechanisms still work, but the collapse seems only a matter of time.

The company is responding to this atmosphere of crisis similar to that of a terminally ill at the news of his soon-to-be at the end of: number of citizens flee in anger and despair, from rage of fear and hatred in social networks or radical parties; others sink into Depression, withdraw, and read books such as Houellebecqs submission or Sarrazin’s Germany abolishes itself, the summon the very thing the downfall of the Occident.

Stephen Hawking has none of that done, than him be soon before stand-up was announced. He would have had every reason for anger. Shortly after his 21st birthday. Birthday opened him to the Doctors that he was suffering from a rare muscle disease for which there is no therapy. How long he had to live, no one could say, but it was clear that his condition will continually deteriorate. The young physics graduate student didn’t even know whether it is still plenty of time would be, his doctorate complete.

This article dates back to the TIME no 47/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

but Then he survived all the forecasts and reached the respectable age of 76 years. And when he died in March 2018, was famous for the paralyzed cosmologist for a world career, which, even for the healthy researcher of a fairy tale would have been: well-known physicists of his time, a successful best-selling author and a father and grandfather. Involuntarily you wonder: Which Confidence gave him power, which drew Hawking for his amazing courage? And what can we learn from this for our own way of dealing with crisis situations?

Usually a couple of typical recommendations at Hand in the face of such questions quickly: We should not lose the hope that in the end everything will go out well, must practice positive Thinking and for example trust that even in the case of incurable diseases, Spontaneous or miraculous healing is possible; or should we turn to Religion and his Faith.


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