What is the quarantine in Sweden differs from Russian: people walk

In spite of the different approaches to other countries, the coronavirus also appears to have been brought under control in Sweden. Because the number of new infections with the corona virus is decreasing. This was confirmed by the national health authority in Sweden.

Now state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell has confirmed in an interview with TV station SVT that the number of reproductions of the virus has been below 1.0 for several days. “That means the pandemic will gradually fade,” Tegnell said on television late Friday night. The lower the number of reproductions, the more difficult it is for the virus to spread. The statistics show. that the number of reproductions in the Swedish country has been relatively stable at 1.0 since April 10. At the beginning of April the value was still 1.4. Since April 25, the number of reproductions has been around 0.85 after a decline of several days.

In the Corona crisis, Sweden opted for a special route that was observed with international interest. In Sweden, compared to most other countries, the pandemic was only dealt with more relaxed measures. Kindergartens, schools and other facilities remained open. During the crisis, the Swedish government only appealed to the reason of its own citizens. They were asked to keep a safe distance from their fellow citizens, so that the spread of corona can be slowed down in this way. Compared to the neighboring countries in Scandinavia, however, Sweden has more infections and deaths. As of Saturday, more than 22,000 infections have been registered and more than 2,650 coronavirus deaths have been confirmed.


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