A drama about Heino and Hannelore! Was that Heino’s right decision? A real drama is in the offing after 40 years of marriage, because actually Heino wanted to enjoy his retirement with Hannelore – but a change of manager now creates a completely new situation and a really bad mood at Hannelore!

Heino had announced it big – he will stop! A promise that he had given his wife, among other things. At the age of 80, Heino and Hannelore actually wanted to enjoy their evening together – now everything seems to be different! Heino (80) and his manager Jan Mewes (43) were a successful team for over 16 years. Now they have separated. “I had the feeling that he wanted to put me on the siding,” complains the singer. The two now see each other in court, because the ex-manager demands 120,000 euros in severance pay, which Heino is not willing to pay. But Heino already has a new manager … and that leads to huge problems between Heino and Hannelore!

Heino’s new manager, Helmut Werner, an Austrian – has it all! The 35-year-old has already been convicted of serious bodily harm, has previously represented artists such as Helmut Berger (75) and “Botox-Boy” Florian Wess (39), another category than Heino, also finds Hannelore! “Heino doesn’t need a manager at all at 80,” his wife Hannelore Kramm (76) says on the phone about “Freizeitwoche”. “My husband promised me that I would be home more often so that we could travel together.” The manager sees things differently and this naturally leads to tensions with Heino and Hannelore! What is the new manager planning?

Werner replies Hannelore’s retirement plans: “There is no resignation, Heino continues. I still have a lot of plans for him. There will soon be something exciting that nobody expected ”, oha, that sounds like hard bandages and real argument that Heino is standing in the house! It is questionable whether Hannelore really likes it!



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