That began to be requested more often Muscovites because of the pandemic, COVID-19

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Evgeny Samarin

In the conditions of isolation of the pandemic coronavirus infection increased the demand for certain types of goods. And it’s not just products and commodities. In particular, increased sales of laptops and seeds, reports the Moscow 24 TV channel.

So, for the past two weeks the demand for laptops has increased two times. It turned out that bought some expensive gaming equipment, and others prefer the inexpensive models for everyday use. The second option, experts suggest, for the arrangement of temporary home office.

However, to work from home Muscovites prefer comfortably. Office chairs, mouse pads, headphones, speakers and other computer paraphernalia is now also at the peak of sales.

a Second conclusion from the review of purchases: sitting home, Muscovites are not starving. It became known is because sales of refrigerators in mid-March increased by 68%, freezers – 13%. Also, 29% increase in the demand for electric power generation.

Hiding in country houses, Muscovites do not forget about hygiene. This is evidenced by the demand for portable toilets and showers in online stores. The sale of these goods increased by 40%.

Also, many “reluctant gardeners” decided to try his luck in vegetable production. In March, sales of seed doubled. Of most interest citizens have shown to the tomatoes.

don’t forget samosoglasovannye and about leisure. The demand for Board games today is off the charts. He grew up in half. So, now couriers deliver not only food for the body but for the soul.

in Addition, citizens three times more often steels to order a hookah. Sales of products for adults, in turn, traders were disappointed.

“Only the sale of condoms. Yes indeed they grew up. It’s a fact,” – said the Creator of the network of shops selling erotic products Maximilen Lapin.

Thus, Muscovites in isolation all his ardor was sent to work, Board and computer games, and the cultivation of tomatoes. Not the most boring pastime.

on the Eve of the Moscow authorities have extended the restrictions on the coronavirus before may 1. Extended closures of restaurants, cafes, canteens and other catering establishments. Citizens continue to be in isolation because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus.

According to who, the world COVID-19 infected more than 900 thousand people, more than 45 thousand died.
In Russia recorded 3548 cases, died 30 people, were cured by 235 people. In Moscow, the number recovered from the coronavirus has increased to 168.

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