Henning realizes that he has overreacted and decides not to sell his part of the courtyard in order to restore peace in the family at some point. But then he learns from Alex that Judith has found letters from Heike and must fear that his affair with Heike will be exposed. Ben and Luke do not give up hope that they can still buy the office building together. But another argument is already boiling up between Tina and Britta.

Despite Michael’s attempts to persuade Natascha to stay, she persists in her decision. Her friends then surprise Natascha with a nice farewell party. When she returns to the “Fürstenhof” late at night, Natascha admits to Eva that she has doubts about her decision. By chance, Linda hears what Dirk did to his son. Furious, Linda confronts Dirk and makes it clear to him that she no longer wants to have anything to do with him.

Jakob is genuinely trying to save his relationship with Saskia. Then his hatred of Benedict tempted him again. Till must painfully realize that Ute will never forgive him for swapping babies. Should he fight for her love anyway? In the best moments with her mother, Leni is overcome by sudden sadness because she has to think about death, but Jana knows a recipe against it.

Niclas doesn’t think about giving up. He doesn’t want Maximilian to escape. In fact, he finds a way to locate him. He could also procure incriminating material against Maximilian. Jenny asks Deniz to pick up Annabelle. This is only because nobody else has time, but Deniz sees it differently. He assumes that Jenny is pursuing an ulterior motive with this request.

When Katrin lashes out drunk, Maren puts her under the cold shower. What remains is pure disillusionment and shame. Katrin hastily withdraws and believes that she can free herself from the alcohol bog alone. While Merle continues to do everything possible to get to Rosa, Erik happens to notice that Merle is doing an internship at Lehmann Bank. That can not be a coincidence.


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