US megastar Brad Pitt 56,(“Troy”) is not only serious but also funny. He has already proven this in several comedic roles, for example, his appearance in the cult sitcom “Friends”. Now the swarm of women made a laugh on the YouTube show of his buddy John Krasinski (40, “A Quiet Place”) – as a weather frog.

“Looks pretty good,” is Pitt’s less than competent forecast, for which he leans out of the window in his house and examines the clouds. Director and actor Krasinski announced the “Ocean’s Eleven” star with the words: “We should do a weather check. Brad, what’s it like out there? ”

The subject of the current edition of John Krasinski’s YouTube show “Some Good News”, in which he presents funny news in a funny way during the corona pandemic, was prom balls in American schools. Because they have to be large this year, the husband of actress Emily Blunt (37, “The Devil Wears Prada”) unceremoniously set up her own virtual ball – with musical support from Billie Eilish (18, “Bad Guy”) and the Jonas Brothers (“Sucker”).


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