The amount of speculation in the sale of masks has exceeded 400 million

Photo credit: TASS/Vladimir Smirnov

the Amount of speculation on the sale of medical masks in the past month have exceeded 400 million roubles, informs “the”.

According to General Director of legal Agency IQ Technology Dmitry Kozlov, an analysis was conducted of the total volume of offers, and then compare it to the average market price established in recent years.

it Turned out that two years ago the cost of one mask was of the order of 7.3 rubles, last year its price has increased to 8.7 of the ruble. This year one medical mask can be purchased already for 77,81 ruble.

it is Noted that the overvaluation is usually involved traders or small private firms, then the cost of goods soars several times.

Illegal sellers are cashing in on medical masks

“Many do not use the word mask – write “protection” and so on. The most expensive mask was sold at 750 rubles apiece,” explains Kozlov.

Previously to the sale of protective masks and joined the Russian star. “Designer” accessories began to offer online at obscenely inflated prices. The price per share reached 3 thousand rubles.

In this regard, the staff of the CPS told how to use medical masks. It was reported that reusable means of protection must be subjected to special treatment. Any mask is advised to be changed every 2-3 hours.

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