The authorities have calculated the economic damages, but now this secondary – Sands

Photos: the Agency “Moscow”/Igor Ivanko

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said about the awareness of the government about the economic problems facing the country due to the regime self-isolation, reports TASS.

He said that authorities have estimated the damage, which will cause the Russian economy, the introduction of quarantine. At the same time, Peskov stressed that at present this is not of paramount importance.

“of Course, calculate [damages]. But at the moment any economic calculations on the background of the main tasks of saving people’s health and their protection from the epidemiological risk are secondary,” – said Peskov.

Earlier, a spokesman said that the new restrictive measures imposed on Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin have agreed with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In addition, he recalled that the mayor is currently conducting and interregional coordination, leading one of the divisions of the chief of staff for combating coronavirus.

the mayor noted that the introduction of a “long” weekend will strengthen measures to combat the threat of the spread of coronavirus. Also Sobyanin said that in the early days of “off” weeks about 20% of Muscovites do not comply with the regime of self-isolation. In addition, on March 29, about 6.8 thousand of the capital’s pensioners tried to pass social cards.

Besides Moscow and the Moscow region, a similar mode of isolation introduced in the Murmansk region. The same decision was made by the authorities of the Kaliningrad region. In addition, in the Crimea opened the first criminal case against the infected resident of the Peninsula, which violated the regime of self-isolation and infected medical staff.

the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin said that the work in advance and minimize the spread of the virus is the most important task of the Russian authorities.

In recent days, Russia has recorded 303 cases of infection with coronavirus in 35 regions. 212 of them are in Moscow. This by the way, in Russia all was 1836 people infected with COVID-19.

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